At Stellar Smiles Ortho, we are in the business of creating beautiful smiles that give our patients the great oral health and aesthetics they deserve. Our fearless leader, Dr. J, started this practice so he could share his 20 plus years of experience with the Dallas community and transform smiles as well as lives. Our team has a passion for creating an environment where our patients feel comfortable and cared for, and you will experience this from the moment you walk through the door. We are excited to serve a diverse family of patients and provide the high quality of orthodontic care they need to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.


Seamless Patient Experience

You will never come across a team that is more dedicated to delivering a seamless patient experience that results in a stellar smile. Dr. J has built a team and practice that thrives on a combination of technique and care, and you will benefit from this as you progress through treatment. Our doctor goes above and beyond to continually grow his skills and expertise so that you receive care that is a blend of time-tested techniques, modern technology, and an in-depth understanding of the field of orthodontics. While some doctors may be intimidated by challenging orthodontic problems, Dr. J is always ready to address these issues with a thorough and thoughtful approach.

Along with a highly skilled doctor, we have a team that is motivated to tackle every challenge that comes our way with close attention to detail and passion for perfection. While orthodontics is an evolving field, it consistently provides life-changing effects for patients young and old, as long as it’s done by a seasoned professional. You deserve quality care from a team of specialists that takes the time to understand your orthodontic needs and goals. You can always depend on our office to respect your investment of time and money by giving you unrivaled treatment options that are backed by extensive knowledge and experience.

Feel Confident in Your Treatment

In addition to advanced practices, we also place a high value on cultivating a culture within our office that allows patients to feel more confident in their treatment. We feel honored to have the opportunity to build relationships with each of our patients. In order to create a cohesive experience, the doctor who does your initial consultation will work with you throughout your entire time in treatment. In fact, every time you visit our office, you will see Dr. J hard at work. He prides himself on being available to his patients and taking the time to connect during each appointment.

We enjoy getting to see our patients during appointments and always want them to feel excited to come to our office, but we understand that you may have to move a few meetings or activities around to attend these visits. In order to make the best use of your time and help you get back to your busy schedule, we make sure that all our patients enjoy shortened wait times. By getting you in a chair sooner, we are able to make your appointments as efficient as possible so that it’s easier for you to work around. Getting the smile of your dreams is well worth the investment of your time, and we always want to respect this commitment by providing quality care within the expected time frame.

Serving the Dallas Community

We are proud to serve the residents of Dallas and craft beautiful smiles for people who are not only our patients but also our neighbors. Our team lives and works in this area, and we established practice here because of our passion for the diverse community within our beautiful city. We treat every patient who walks through our doors with the same care and attention that we would give to our own family members. Every person in our family of patients has a unique vision for their future smile, and we are excited to bring this dream to life. You will find that every treatment plan we create, from braces to clear aligners, is tailored to your specific orthodontic needs and goals.

You and your family need an orthodontist with your best interests in mind, and our team will always strive to help you achieve a smile that will improve your oral health and aesthetics for a lifetime. If you want to learn more about treatments and what the process would be like for you, we offer a free consultation for your first visit. At Stellar Smiles Ortho, we are in the business of creating stellar smiles, and we are excited to start this journey with you today.