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Check out what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with us!

Michael B.
02:57 19 Aug 21
Dr. Gallagher and staff are AMAZING!!
21:36 06 Jul 21
Excellent Team, Customer Service and the BEST Orthodontist in Coppell, Grapevine and Tyler! You won't be disappointed. # Happy Adult Brace Wearer! 😏🥰
Jason B.
21:23 07 Jun 21
I highly recommend Dr Gallagher, the staff, and the hygienist here. Everyone was supportive, patient, and nice. Cheers!
Dave D.
15:55 06 May 21
A lot of people these days only care about the end result. That's important but perhaps more important is the journey to that end. Gallagher Orthodontics just keeps keeps raising the bar every time I engage with them. From the very first time during the consultation to now as we near the end of my treatment, all of the staff from the front desk to Dr Gallagher himself embody a level of professionalism I seldom see. It clearly evident from the investment in high tech tools Dr Gallagher uses in his practice that only the best is good enough for his patients. I'm relocating soon to another state though I will be flying back to finish out my care with Dr Gallagher. He and his staff are that good!
Kristin P.
23:41 16 Mar 21
Everyone is amazing and my kids are having the best experience! Incredible results! Highly recommend!
Nard N.
21:03 16 Mar 21
best place to put your kids in for braces
Manoj N.
17:36 16 Mar 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable team! Best in Coppell. Thanks Dr. Gallagher.
Thy W.
15:35 16 Mar 21
All I can say is that if I could give them 10 stars - I would. The staff are always so pleasant, professional and very caring. Dr Gallagher is awesome and my daughter always feel comfortable🥰
Teresa L.
00:17 11 Mar 21
I absolutely love Dr. Gallagher and his staff! They are always so helpful and friendly!
Cindy S.
18:05 01 Mar 21
Friendly - clean - professional
Ashley M.
19:37 23 Feb 21
Very friendly staff!! We enjoy coming for our appointments😄
Makiba E.
18:04 23 Feb 21
Dr. Gallagher and his staff are wonderful!! The appointments are scheduled without me having to spend a lot of time in the waiting area. They always keep me in the loop of what is going on. As well as available for questions. He is definitely giving me the million dollar smile I’ve always wanted.
James G.
17:44 02 Feb 21
Great staff, fast and friendly. Dr. Gallagher explained the process with aligners. I’m ready to get started.
Madelyn L.
15:28 27 Jan 21
Dr. Gallagher has taken care of my teeth for the past 10+ years, along with my two other sisters! There isn't any other Orthodontist that I trust more than Dr. Gallagher and his staff. Today I was seen for a loose lower retainer and they bonded it back quickly. Overall, every time I have come here, my experience has been pleasant, and I couldn't be happier with my smile!Thank you to Dr. Gallagher and his amazing staff!
Carrie Y.
19:29 12 Jan 21
Dr. Gallagher provided me braces 12 years ago and to this day my smile could not be more beautiful and brighter. I constantly receive complements. He told me originally that he is very picky and will make sure I receive the best healthiest smile possible. I loved hearing that because I did not receive the best care from my other provider. He and his staff will make you feel comfortable, everyone is helpful and committed to providing the highest standard of clinical excellence and patient care. They offered me a flexible payment plan that I could afford, and the office atmosphere is great. I could not be happier!!
Sheala S.
16:33 17 Nov 20
We love Dr. Gallagher and his staff. They are always prompt and very thorough with letting you know what the plan for treatment is and how it is going.
Todd T.
22:41 26 Oct 20
My daughters teeth have improved very quickly and they do well at explaining the process of everything
Rene P.
16:10 20 Oct 20
Always fast and friendly. I Recommend them.
Carla L.
15:56 08 Oct 20
My teeth are straight and I love my smile now! Dr. Gallagher and his team are the best.
Shkayia L.
01:31 26 Aug 20
I love Dr. Gallagher. The staff are very courtesy and nice. Dr. Gallagher did a great job on my braces. And now he is taking care of my son with his braces now.
Bryan H.
16:30 29 Jul 20
My boyfriend and I both went to Dr, Gallagher. He had braces and I got Invisalign. I may have been one of the most difficult patients he’s had because I’m super picky about my teeth and wanted perfection, and he delivered! I’ve been done with Invisalign for a while now and have permanent retainers on top and bottom (although top isn’t done anymore) and every time I’ve broken my retainer I’ve always been able to get in super quick and usually they repair with no problem. Very nice Doctor and Brenda is amazing too! Super sweet and when my daughter is old enough for braces I’ll be taking her here!
bLaZe W.
15:12 20 Jul 20
Great services from Staff and Dr. Gallagher, highly recommended!!!
Taylor O.
20:33 14 Jul 20
Great service
Baba A.
23:31 24 Jun 20
Doc G and his crew are always ever so helpful. I signed up with them while I was living in Coppell and now still drive down from Grand Prairie to Coppell...that sure says a ton about how good they are!
Leslie C.
23:18 27 May 20
Great place. Excellent staff. Very quick getting in and out. The office is always clean.
Catherine H.
15:49 19 May 20
Nice staff and good orthodontist. Went for first-time braces as an adult.
Jean S.
15:22 19 May 20
Dr Gallagher is back up and running. He and his staff are well equipped to handle the new environment.
Nat K.
01:36 25 Feb 20
Dr. Gallagher is the only dentist I fully trust. I got quotes from a few places before choosing him. All the other orthodontists wanted to pull one of my teeth, but Dr. Gallagher didn't.... and I didn't want to pull a tooth. He took amazing care of me. I'm finished with my treatment now. My teeth look great, but I don't wear my retainer like I should. Even after finishing my treatment, he still sees me and still takes such good care of me.
Nikhil M.
14:25 22 Aug 19
Had my permanent retainer pop off and had to schedule a quick appointment. Got there early, and was immediately seen by friendly staff. Overall, had a good experience.
Pravik T.
17:03 13 Aug 19
Great orthodontic care. Easy to schedule appointments and good service
00:53 13 Aug 19
Great service and friendly staff!
Gina V.
23:52 07 Apr 19
Dr. Gallagher and his staff are awesome! From the time I came in the office for the consultation, I knew I made the right choice! The staff is very welcoming and will answer any questions you might have. The waiting room wait time is very minimal. (Love that!) Dr. Gallagher and his assistance's explain what procedures will be done at that appointment. It is great to know and hear Dr. Gallagher has a passion for what he does. He gets excited to see the progress that his patients are making.*To Dr. Gallagher and Staff: Thank you for all you do and for helping me achieve the smile that I have today!
Kasie C
22:46 04 Jan 19
Both of my kids went to Dr. Gallagher and their smiles are beautiful! The staff is amazing, always friendly and knowledgeable. All involved go above and beyond. Very pleased!!
Melissa F.
00:17 05 Dec 18
Fast service, friendly staff and very clean offices. Definitely recommend them.
Tyler W.
05:08 09 Nov 18
I had braces for 2 years and not once had a problem while attending Dr. Gallagher. The service is amazing and makes you feel very welcomed!
22:22 12 Oct 18
The whole team is very friendly and professional.Very fast response when there is a need. Dr Gallagher did an amazing job with my teeth. I absolutely love my new smile! I would recommend anyone who needs braces to this place.
Evelyn S.
14:20 24 Jul 18
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Gallagher and his team! I couldn’t have picked a better orthodontist! The office is always clean and your always greeted by a friendly staff member. The office is very accommodating to last minute scheduling. Dr. Gallagher made the experience as easy as can be by answering all my questions and concerns throughout the process. He did a wonderful job at making my smile beautiful! I could not be happier with my results!
Kori W H.
14:24 27 Jun 18
Had an issue with a retainer not fitting and they got me in and out in 10 minutes! I have the best teeth I’ve ever had!
Mina L.
23:05 25 Apr 18
They are the BEST place to go if you are in the area and looking for braces! LOVE THEM!!!! Always professional and timely. Great results!
Clarie W.
15:00 04 Apr 18
Dr. Gallagher was excellent. He worked with me all throughout the process and even after.
kamal K.
19:33 01 Nov 17
Very quick on what I needed help with
Jayleen L.
19:19 10 Jul 17
Nice and friendly staff! My bottom retainer got loose and it was a simple and quick fix. I was out of there within 5 minutes!
Blake M.
20:39 06 Jun 17
i had to go there to get my permanent retainer fixed. Stacey hooked me up and got me in and out really fast. she was also very nice to talk to! hopefully i have have her next time if i something that needs fixing. Great place and Great people!
Daneille E.
19:46 03 May 17
Dr. Gallagher was awesome start to finish with my braces. I have anxiety about getting work done on my teeth. Dr. Gallagher told me to just raise up my hand if I ever felt uncomfortable and he would stop. He was so wonderful. I had some concerns because my teeth were so badly rotated. Anytime I came in with a concern Dr. Gallagher would address my concern before I left. I highly recommend him to anyone needing braces. Don't be afraid to ask questions. He is great at explaining the treatment. Everyone in his office is friendly too!
M M.
00:20 20 Apr 17
I absolutely love my results! The entire staff is so wonderful. Dr. Gallagher did an amazing job. I had a problem with the brackets not being able to bond to my teeth. He made it possible for the treatment to work just fine without an issue. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to get braces or invisalign. Thank you so much!
Viviana De A.
16:58 18 Apr 17
I had an amazing experience! They made my teeth look great!
Kyshone B.
13:21 09 Mar 17
This has been a great experience for my son. He had braces on for 3 years already before we came to Coppell. Robert Gallagher was awesome and he fixed my sons teeth to look amazing. Excellent service from day 1. Great customer service and great office at all times.
Holly M.
03:02 04 Oct 16
I drove 45 minutes just so I could have Dr. Gallagher do some repair work on my retainer. My sister and I have known Dr. Gallagher for years. I will drive a far distance because I know I am in good hands.
Casey B.
13:34 19 Sep 16
We love Dr. Gallagher and his staff. Both my girls have had braces with him and he is great. They can get you in quickly when needed. They are even tolerant with younger siblings!
Monsicha S
17:47 02 Aug 16
I have done Invisalign with Dr. Gallagher for 2 years and I have a great experience so far. Dr. Gallagher and his staff are so professional and friendly. Besides his experienced practice in Invisalign, the dentist used detailed techniques to make my teeth more beautiful. I would definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks to the Dr. Gallagher and his team.
robbie Y.
17:07 02 Aug 16
Great experience with our son! Dr Gallagher and his staff are wonderful and make you feel right at home.
Dani F.
16:17 27 Jul 16
I had a great experience at Gallagher smiles at the Coppell location. They really make you feel welcomed, from the people behind the counter to the doctor and others who work on your teeth.Treatment was smooth and I was extra satisfied with my results. Thanks again to Dr.Gallagher and the ladies who worked on my teeth. I'de recommend Gallagher Orthodontics to anybody.
Michael S.
15:48 15 Jun 16
Gallagher Orthodontics made it fun to go to the dentist.
Grace T.
03:24 15 Jun 16
Very friendly people working there, Dr. Gallagher is really nice. They also have really cool chairs. 🙂
Braden M.
23:38 05 Jun 16
Everyone is super nice! I look forward to going to see Dr Gallagher because he makes me feel comfortable. Plus my teeth are looking great!!!!
Mia C.
04:00 11 May 16
I really love going to the Gallagher orthodonitcs in Coppell because the staff always is positive and try to reach a goal for each step in my braces and I would recommend to go there and get your braces done.
Saige S.
01:48 13 Apr 16
Gallagher orthodontics is great! They are prompt, friendly and explain everything thoroughly.
Caden D.
22:22 04 Apr 16
Gallagher Orthodontics is a friendly, and professional environment with some great orthodontics. They also have been able to get me through my braces in a very quick time, with pain free and easy appointments.
15:10 25 Mar 16
Dr. Gallagher and staff have always been excellent! Friendly, accommodating, and prompt. Would highly recommend them!
Chris W.
20:37 23 Mar 16
Best Orthodontics ever if you want a great and awesome smile then go to Gallagher's.Dr. Gallagher and his staff are amazing! The office was easy to find and his staff was friendly and welcoming
Haley S.
14:16 27 Mar 15
Dr. Gallagher and his staff are amazing! The office was easy to find and his staff was friendly and welcoming. I had braces 2 years ago and.... didn't wear my retainer.He was very patient with me and spent a good 10 minutes doing very fine, detailed adjustments for it to fit again. He saved me and my parents thousands of dollars! Other orthodontists would of just stuck me back in braces but he didn't! Truly did think of the best out come for the patient. Thanks Guys!
Paul B.
13:13 11 Jun 12
Ever since I've been to Gallagher Orthodontics, I was always comfortable. The dentists and orthodontists always made sure that my teeth were clean, straight, etc. And after two years, I am loving my new smile. My teeth look 10 times better, thanks to Gallagher Orthodontics. Thank you so much!
01:13 08 Jun 12