If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Bedford, TX, look no further than Stellar Smiles Ortho. We are proud to be one of the top-rated orthodontic practices in the area!

When selecting the best orthodontist, it is critical to consider experience and care levels. At Stellar Smiles Orthodontics, we take pride in offering our patients the best of both worlds. Dr. J is a highly skilled orthodontist with years of experience in helping patients achieve beautifully aligned smiles. In order to give our patients the most effective and efficient care possible, our practice also features the most modern orthodontic equipment.

We customize our treatment strategies for each patient because they are all different. Regardless of whether you choose Invisalign or traditional braces, we will work with you to select the best option for your specific needs. To arrange a consultation and learn more about our services, get in touch with us immediately!

Top Rated Bedford Orthodontics Office

Orthodontist in Bedford, TX

Our main goal is to provide each of our patients with friendly, courteous service and the best orthodontic care possible. We’re committed to upholding our standing as one of Bedford’s premier orthodontic practices. Braces and Invisalign are the only two treatments offered by our highly skilled team of orthodontists.

Every family may afford therapy because of our various payment options. We are confident that we can provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted, whether you’re interested in traditional braces or the most modern clear aligners. Visit Stellar Smiles Ortho if you need an orthodontist in the Bedford area.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

Stellar Smiles Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic care for all ages and orthodontic requirements. Among the many treatments we offer are Invisalign and conventional braces. No matter the specifics of your circumstance, we are sure that we can assist you in getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

In addition to traditional orthodontic care, we provide a variety of specialty orthodontic services.


We provide our clients with both traditional metal braces and less noticeable translucent braces when it comes to braces. Together, we can decide what will serve you the best. Metal braces are the most widely used type of orthodontic appliance and for a good reason. For those who are self-conscious about the appearance of their orthodontic treatment, clear braces, which are constructed of a translucent ceramic material, are a more discrete option.


Invisalign, a well-liked alternative to traditional metal braces, gradually straightens teeth using a series of removable, transparent aligners. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to metal braces if you want to straighten your teeth.


Once your orthodontic treatment is over, we will give you a retainer to help you keep your gorgeous new smile. Wearing your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist is essential to your treatment plan.

Invisalign Provider in Bedford, TX

Invisalign in Bedford, TX

In Bedford, Texas, there are a number of excellent orthodontic practices, but Stellar Smiles Ortho stands apart from the competition. Dr. J and our team, who are Invisalign certified clinicians, are pleased to have helped numerous patients achieve their dream smiles.

An almost invisible alternative to metal braces is Invisalign, which is made of translucent plastic. Therefore, it is harder for anyone to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. For eating and brushing, Invisalign can be taken out, allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite foods and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Braces In Bedford, TX

Braces in Bedford, TX

Stellar Smiles Orthodontics, your go-to source for braces, is pleased to be in this position. Traditional metal braces, clear/ceramic braces, lingual braces, and self-ligating (technology) braces are just a few of our orthodontic treatments. While you may already be familiar with traditional and ceramic braces, lingual and technology braces are less usually offered.

Lingual braces, which are fastened to the back of your teeth, are barely perceptible when you smile. This option is typically chosen by adults who may be self-conscious about the appearance of their braces. On the other hand, self-ligating braces use a slide mechanism in place of elastic bands to retain the wire in place. As a result, fewer appointments and less time spent wearing braces overall.

Anyone can wear brackets at any age. Because every patient is different, we go to great lengths to customize treatment strategies for them. We can meet your demands if you need effective orthodontic treatment or a discrete approach to straightening your teeth. Because we firmly think that everyone deserves a radiant smile, we are committed to the success of each of our patients.

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For an orthodontist in Bedford, Texas, go no further than Stellar Smiles Orthodontics. As one of the top orthodontic clinics in the area, we take pride in offering various services to meet our client’s needs. Whether you are considering Invisalign or braces, we are sure we can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. To arrange a consultation, call us immediately or schedule an appointment online for your free consultation!