How We Help

Whether it’s Invisalign, traditional braces or custom-made removable appliances, orthodontics can help you have the healthy, stellar smile you’ve been waiting for!


Traditional metal or clear braces are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of either high-grade stainless steel or clear materials, braces straighten your teeth using metal or ceramic brackets and archwires. Learn more about how braces can help you acheive a stellar smile!


One of the primary concerns people often have about braces is the aesthetic impact of the metalwork on their smile. Especially for adults, the prospect of wearing unattractive metal braces for long periods of time can be discouraging. Invisalign® offers an almost invisible aligning system that straightens teeth fast and contains no metal. We are proud to use the iTero digital scanner, which means no more impressions, no more gagging, and the scanner ensures a great fit.


Orthodontics is specifically concerned with diagnosing and treating tooth misalignment and irregularity in the jaw area. There are many advantages to well-aligned teeth, including easier cleaning, better oral hygiene, clearer speech and a more pleasant smile. Initially, orthodontic treatments were geared toward the treatment of teens and pre-teens, but these days around 30 percent of orthodontic patients are adults.

Other Treatments

Orthodontics is a technologically advanced field which offers many sophisticated solutions to malocclusions and other cosmetic problems. The orthodontist will generally perform a visual examination, panoramic X-rays, and study models (bite impressions) in order to assess the exact nature of the discrepancy. When a diagnosis has been made, there are a variety of orthodontic treatment options available.